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Aug 2014

The Stoodio is back in operation as a Recording facility. Kenny Crimewave has outfitted The Stoodio with a state-of-the art Control Room. Also, there are even more vintage and modern microphones.  The legendary underground atmosphere has only been enhanced.

In the last couple of years, The Stoodio never stopped acting as a rehearsal space for several  Detroit and out-of-town bands.
Now with all the cool gear in place, musical artists will once again be producing recordings at The Stoodio.

May 2011

Circus Boy  releases their 2nd and eponymously titled CD album produced by Kenny Crimewave and Skid Marx at The Stoodio

February 2011
The Seatbelts complete and release a CD single My Little F4,  recorded at The Stoodio by Kenny Crimewave.

November 2010

Carvnival Girl completes and releases CD album Live and Otherwise produced by Kenny Crimewave at The Stoodio.

October 2010
RockDigi becomes The Stoodio.

Summer 2010
This summer was unusually busy with many local and international artists recording and/or rehearsing at The Stoodio. Sarana VerLin, Billy Brandt, Beaux Mitchell, The Seat Belts, Circus Boy, Meredith Lorde (Glamour Puss), Ridha Ibrahim from Tunisia via Italy, Sista Otis and of course Brother Crimewave were among the multitude that graced The Stoodio with their presence.
Kenny Crimewave & Beaux Mitchell 
Other Detroit rockers used the facilities just to jam with their pals in other bands.
The Schmenges, however, did not record, rehearse or jam at The Stoodio.

April 2010
The Stoodio recording, Honesty (the CD/Album) by Carolyn Striho wins 2010 Outstanding Pop/Rock Recording at theDetroit Music Awards.

April 2010
The Stoodio recording, Promised Land: Techno  by Carolyn Striho wins the 2010 Outstanding Techno/Dance Recording at the Detroit Music Awards.

March 2010
On March 4, 2010, Former partner, Mark L. Leonard, died suddenly.  He was 56 years old. He will be sorely missed.
Mark Leonard R.I.P.

November 2009
The award winning CD/Album Honesty by Carolyn Striho is completed and released.   Honesty was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kenny Crimewave. Honesty was produced by Kenny Crimewave, Scott Dailey and Carolyn Striho.

February 2009
The Stoodio upgrades to Pro Tools 8

November 2008
Are You For Real? by Circus Boy is completed and released.  Are You For Real? was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kenny Crimewave  Are You For Real? was produced by Kenny Crimewave and Skid Marx.

June 2008
The Stoodio replaces Quad 2.5 Power Mac with 8-Core Intel Mac Pro.

September 2007
The Stoodio upgrades to Pro Tools HD3 and added tons of plug-ins

October 2006
The Rockhouse becomes RockDigi when The Stoodio installs Pro Tools HD2.

March 1993
The Stoodio begins recording by synchronizing an analog recorder, the
Tascam TSR-8,

with a  digital recorder, the Tascam DA-88.

February 1993
Occupancy Permit issued by the
Township of Redford, Michigan for the current site of The Stoodio

February 1992
The Rockhouse, now The
 Stoodio, founded by Kenny Crimewave & Brian Rozek.

In The Stoodio

Dan Boyd Records New Bass Lines for 9 Original Brother Crimewave Tunes.

On Sunday, Dec. 21, Dan Boyd replaced all his bass parts on 9 original  Brother Crimewave songs originally recorded in 2012. The project had to be suspended when Kenny Crimewave had heart failure.  After  open heart surgery to repair a Mitral valve (June, 2012), and an "Ablation" procedure  (Sept, 2014) Kenny has recovered and the project has been resumed.
The mics used on Dan's bass rig were:  (1) EV RE-20 close mic, off axis 45°; (2) CADLIVE D82 Ribbon, near distant mic; (3) AKG CX-12 tube condenser, room mic.  Also recorded was the line out from Dan's TC Electronic RH-750 amp.

Dan used a homemade two way (mid/hi) cabinet of his own design (18sound 6ND410 mid/XD125 HF driver & waveguide) on top of an old Ampeg B-15 cab outfitted with an Eminence 3015LF speaker.
In the control room, signals entered an Audient ASP880 mic pre routed via SMUX to a Motu 828x Thunderbolt interface.  
The DAW software used was Reaper on a "late-2013" MacBook Pro. Monitoring was on a pair of Adam SX-2 speakers. 
Thanks to Ron Stahl for his assistance and use of the AKG CX-12 Mic.

Tuesday Night Jams

Whenever there is no band rehearsing or recording in The Stoodio, some of Detroit's hottest players jam out and of couse the DAW is recording it all. Along with the usual suspects,  there's usually a few surprise guests stopping by for the festivities.

Rehearsing Recently

Circus Boy
Nikki Corvette
Kevin K
Dollar Domestics
Sista Otis
Brother Crimewave
Meridith Lorde

Grand Re-Opening

The finishing touches are done at The (new and improved) StoodioKenny Crimewave will soon be hosting a Grand Re-Opening Celebration with jamming and all the usual suspects in the  very near future.

Tuesday Night Jams

Recently Tuesday night jams have begun and will happen weekly as long as there are no rehearsals or recording scheduled.  

More Activity
Sista Otis and her band rehearsed at The Stoodio during the last week of July 2010 and returned with her scaled-down band in November.

Carnival Girl featuring
Sarana VerLin, Beaux Mitchell, Don Gillespie and Kerry Gluckman  recorded an EP at The Stoodio. The CD Release Party was held at Mario's in Troy, November 20, 2010

Sarana & Jayjay
Sarana, Gary and Kerry were joined by Jayjay Quick from the UK on bass for a special session including both multitrack audio and video. Camera work was performed by The Stoodio  in-house cinematographer, Dan Boyd, the Wizard of Livonia.

Dan Boyd

DMA Nominee Circus Boy has finished recording their 2nd CD album  at The Stoodio and has released it.

Brother CrimewaveCircus Boy and The Seat Belts all regularly rehearse at The Stoodio.

That's A Wrap!
The Stoodio hosted a "wrap" party after Carolyn Striho's award winning CD, Honesty was completed. In attendance were invited guests including many musicians, industry people and friends.  They jammed for hours.

"We cain't spell . . .                  

         . . . but we ain't stoopid."™

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